At Good Vibes Lab, your vision is our mission.

We are focused on creating the best experience for all of the companies we work with. Together, we create products and brands that truly stand out.

A breakthrough cellular rejuvenation product line bringing the fountain of youth and fountain of energy for people to look young, feel young, and stay young.
The first ever line of “flow” products that bring serene energy.
The breakthrough platform and technology for advancing learning through positive psychology and flow psychology metrics and solutions.
The first ever interactive movie with game play results to bring team and group alignment and peak performance using advanced algorithms with fun.

Read some of our testimonials below.

"This (GVL) team are real professionals... they have allowed me to focus on my strengths as a founder with strategic timelines that facilitated my ability to raise the necessary pre-seed capital to realize my dream of entering the US market successfully."

- Jonas Bohr, Founder of CellYea!

“Good Vibes Lab gave us the boost we needed to bring our company to the next level, that’s why we named it Next Level Nutraceuticals, LLC.”

- Jason Hodges Co-Founder of Chike Nutrition

“In my work experience with Good Vibes Lab, I have been involved with them on several manufacturing and qualification/validation projects in the supplement and beverage markets. GVL has a broad and in-depth understanding of the complete product delivery process from raw material procurement through the product development, scale-up processes, equipment qualification and packaging processes. Additionally Manufacturing facility management and QC/QA operations on the product testing side are also part of their broad resume as they have managed several production operations, as well as product remediations, and new product launches”

- Jon Sadowitz, 30+ years Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer & Robotics Validation

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