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We develop good.

We are a Launchpad for consumer brands and technology.

Our focus is building a world better than we found it.


We are a founder-centric venture builder startup factory, that invests much more than funds.

We bring value add to every phase of development for brands to drastically improve the odds of success
Our brands and founding partners all align with our mission,

in turn, we invest our knowledge and experience, as well as our technical expertise

and our infrastructure systems.

Focused on creating the best experience for all of our partners, we support our ventures from conception to

scale to exit, giving them access to the global networks and services they need to grow.


We have configured innovative partnerships with larger businesses to enhance our brands. Our technical expertise

helps our brands be more agile, while our partners' global scale helps them grow faster.


Our Roots are in the Science and Engineering of Products for Scale

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