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Natural Beauty Products

Product Development & Quality Assurance

Scientific Data Collection, Product Claims Evidence, Product Development & Refinement, Retail (National & Global) Product Compliance, Professional Athletics Product Compliance, Product Manufacturing Specifications & Quality Assurance Enforcement, Batch Record Transparencies & Formula/Process IP Protection, Robotics & Mechanical Custom Specifications, Label Compliance and Calculus (Supplement and Nutrition Panels), Multiple Qualification Applications for various organizations (NON-GMO, Vegan, Organic, GMP, Paleo, etc.), On Site Contract Manufacturing Audits for first 3 Batches and Pre-Audit before first PO issued, Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) Plans & Course Correction for existing brands.


Research & Development

Multiple Existing Products developed & refined for mass market,  New Products Extensions Conceptualized & Calculated, Multi-Line Canned Beverage Extensions for Mass Market Entry, Bench-top Development to Mass Production on 100+ Products, QA Ongoing Monitor & Analysis (Particle Size, Flow, Hygroscopic Study, & Multi Month Shelf Life Analysis)

Legal Handshake

Partnerships, Corporate Governance, Regulatory, & Corporate Development

FDA Legal Specialty Audits (Labels, Decks, Marketing Content, PR, & 3rd Party Efficacy), Corporate Formation, Corporate Governance, Data Room Checklists, Fundraising Documentation, Incentive Plans, Employee/Contractor Contracts, Human Resource Documentation/Diligence, Supplier Agreements, Custom Contract Manufacturing Agreements & Negotiations, IP (Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights), Data Room Configurations, Due Diligence Checklists

Introducing an Idea

Marketing & Branding

Major Decks with dozens of iterations, Phases of Brand Development,  Brand Bible Configured, Mental Health Data Testing,  Social & Tik Tok Accelerator Programs throughVast Influencer Network,  Impact Based Launch Campaigns with Multiple Successful People in Attendance (Actors, Athletes, and Politicians), Top Designers in the CPG Food & Bev Space has entered the project,  Renderings, Label Designs, Iconography, URLs with layers of funnel configurations, Website Design, Social Media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.)

Accountant at Work

Finance, Accounting, & Forecasting

5 & 10 Year detailed Forecast of Granular Pre-Sales Assumptions and Post Sales Adjustments,  Capitalization Tables with Staged Raises and Dilutions to maximize returns,  Benchmarks (Multi-Tier D2C, Retail, Wholesale, E-Commerce), Capital Raise Strategies,  Accounting, PhD Level Finance Personnel, Dedicated Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation/Filing/Optimizations for Minimizing Burden

Person Participating in Video Call


Major Dedicated Personnel,  Hyper Indexical Databasing, Market to Ops Alignment for Strategic Forecasts on Inventory Maximization to Marketing Return, Data Room Maintenance for Investor Portals,  Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Document Controls, Change Controls, Double Verification Approval Systems


IT/Tech/Systems/Logistics/Supply Chain

Full Scale Communication Systems,  IP Protection Technology and Management, Real-time Inventory, Data & Analytics KPIs, Operations Databasing with Automated Assignments, Protocols for Document/Process Retention, Automated Customer Data Transfer,  3PL Integrations for Global Deployments

What we do

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