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What if you could…


  1. BURN Fat easily and even more easily keep it off?

  2. BUILD muscle tissue with minimal fitness?

  3. Have regular mental clarity and alertness without excessive caffeine?

  4. Easily manage stress even under extreme pressure?

  5. SLEEP like a baby every night?

You can and you will.  Here's how...

But First, here’s what the “experts” don’t want you to know…

It’s really not just “what” but mostly "why" they don’t want you to know.  


Because it’s more profitable to keep you lost and confused.


You try grasping at straws and putting band aids on problems that do not solve the root cause.


The result is being tired, dependent, and foggy.

So what can you do to take back your health and in the process your freedom?

Step 1: Simplicity - Keep it Simple

Optimal health does not have to be complicated.


But in many ways it is, only because of confusing and conflicting information or dogmatic belief systems instead of a results driven process.


Step 1a: Simplicity - "Grass Fed Beef and Organic Broccoli"


We have a joke that if someone just eats grass-fed beef and organic broccoli every meal they could reach record levels of health and save tons of money. 


It’s really that simple but most people cannot eat the same thing for every meal and it’s understandable.


Step 2: You Need Timing and Discipline


You have to put in the time and patiently learn the system.

You have to go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier.

You have to be ruthless with your time and you will be wildly successful. This means saying NO to people that don't support your journey.

Step 3: Identify and Eliminate - Root Cause Self-Check for Inflammation, Bloating, and Allergens


Everyone is walking around inflamed and addicted to sugar. They have no way out because it is a difficult task to eliminate a serious addiction and habitual lifestyle.  It’s a vicious cycle but no one is alone in this, we all struggle. 

Even Coaches need Coaches.

Most people are not aware of the various toxins used in agriculture practice and how to avoid them at the store, much less avoiding them at a restaurant, just forget about it!

Not to mention, many plants have evolved to build defense mechanisms to avoid being eaten by predators, much like mammals except plants use properties that create allergic reactions in most of the population. To name a few are nightshades, histamines or various compounds like phytic acids.


Step 4: Put on Your Blinders and Stay Laser Focused - Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Macrobiotics, etc.


The issue is the bias from what we call “religious” nutrition.  It’s time to, as we like to call it, “transcend health” in order to “transform our health.” 

To gain experience in your own biology and find that perfect match for you does not fit within a bubble or a singular "diet".

It's YOUR Diet.  No one else's.

The one that gives you ample muscle mass, a sharp mind, zero bloating, glowing skin, and boundless energy.



So what can you do right now?! 

We designed the Better You Guide series and 99% of our Lab's clients started here. (The few that didn't still ended up here before long,

SO START HERE if you want to be VERY successful.)

Richard-Daly (1).JPG

Literally, our Lab clients, like Rick Daly of Daly & Black P.C. who lost 17 pounds in his first 30 days, will call us back years after they finish our program telling us about how they went on vacation and had "cheat meals" the entire time and actually lost weight.

How is that possible?

Simple, they devoted themselves to our formula 8-12 months of rigorous attention that led to a Metabolic Reset and bodily wisdom about what they should be doing and especially, when they should be doing it.

All that dedication led to more freedom to at times "cheat" and get right back on track.

Some call it Metabolic Flexibility but we call it Transcending Health by breaking free from the cycle of "religious dieting" fueled by "noisy" marketing that leaves you lost and confused.

So why is it so hard for so many?

The main problems we observe is…

...1. it takes over a decade of research to truly accomplish this on your own

…2. when you get off track you don’t know what to do, your lost (especially when you don't think your lost, then you're especially lost and searching in all the wrong places, even licensed professionals have to unlearn things in order to help people)

Remember, it's more profitable for the "experts" to keep you confused.  We don't mean that cynically or immaturely, it is simply the fact of what is occurring in our culture and the proof is clear as day...

...Metabolic disease and obesity has skyrocketed

...pharmaceuticals are the largest industry in the world (not by coincidence)

...caffeine and terrible energy drinks consume every inch of our stores

You need a Personal RoadMap to build YOUR Unique Map

When Max Morono, CEO of MX2 Interests & Patient Drive, 

came to us he was constantly anxious and on blood pressure medication 

for over 10 years.  After he completed the GUT RESET he shifted to a

series of plans we offered and within 9 months had completely changed 

his life. Multiple times he got a plateau or off track but hit the GUT RESET

and was right back on, reaching new heights.  By the end he had built

his MAP and definitively knew exactly what his body needed. Now he is 

anxiety free, his business grew by 10X once he regained his health, he

found a relationship full of happiness, and the best part, under his doctor's close supervision, Max is completely off pharmaceutical medication.

He took back his health and therefore his freedom.


The Secret we found...


There is this one special thing we have found to work very well to reach maximum levels of Mental & Physical Output while becoming more resilient and still turning back the clock.. Mapping that magic spot where you don't just thrive but you dominate... 

Scientifically this is known as an ultimate Cellular and Genetic Expression

Literally you are turning off the Genes that don't serve you while turning on the ones that serve you very well.

Luckily for you we have made something complex into a simple and intuitive process for you to literally live your best life.

That doesn't mean it will be EASY. It definitely will be WORTH IT.

It's time to DECIDE & COMMIT to maximize your life, that's exactly why you are here. 

Mapping your individual needs by assessing your particular sleep cycle and biological clock. We cross this data with your physical exercise strategy (eustress) and what we call your cognitive exertion or “work” related exertion (stress).


The best part is that our particular “mapping” process will help you become a “biohacker” at record pace all on your own if you can find the discipline and will within to find a hidden level of energy, mental clarity, libido, and digestive comfort.  The notion of biohacking is to find the specific way your body works in it’s most optimized state. 

BUT, then what? If you get off track, where do you go?


Our GUT RESET Diet does exactly that, it cleans the slate.


  • Cheat Day, hit the RESET (1-2 week compressed)

  • Vacation, get back and hit the RESET (2-3 week compressed)

  • Completely out of shape, hit the FULL RESET (6 week full program)


The problem is…


People get stuck and struggle because they do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  


Everyone knows in order to overcome an exercise plateau we have to make a change, to test the waters so to speak and venture into uncharted territory.


Well, diet is no different.  


If you want to achieve incredible results.  You’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone.


Venture out and try new things.


Luckily we have designed our system to make this simple. 


And by chance if you venture down a path that doesn’t feel quite right our unique system is designed to catch you.


Just hit the RESET button and you are back on track, the GUT RESET that is...


That said,  just because one path didn’t work at one point doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not right for you but possibly wasn’t the right time to try it.


Don’t rule something out just because you tried it once and failed to see the results.


It’s all about the journey…


If you embrace the experimenting with curiosity and excitement.  You might find more joy than you realized you would.


Trying new things is fun.


It teaches the brain to expand and grow infinitely.


Your body has ancient wisdom and is your playground to explore!


Your body's potential is generally just scratching the surface.  Most people live their entire lives without realizing how much they are truly capable of.

GoodVibes has Solutions and it starts with Resetting and Rebuilding the Gut Microbiome.


Below is The Better You Guide - Part ONE of a Five Part Series that will take you on a journey through the following:

  • GUT Reset

  • Rapid Fat Burner

  • Muscle Performance

  • Cognitive Performance

  • Case Studies

  • Biomapping and Biohacking

  • Advanced Recovery

  • The Centralized Macro 

The result is Metabolic Flexibility like you have never had before...


John Black of DalyBlack, P.C.

John Transformation (2).png

“When I started my journey with GoodVibes, I was skeptical as to the approach.  They explained things related to inflammation to me, but all I wanted to achieve was fat loss.  At age 46 I did not think it was possible to get back to the condition I was in my thirties; my doctor was worried about the decline in my bloodwork and an elevated kidney function that potentially needed medical intervention. I was at 30% body fat, my energy was fading as I was completely reliant on caffeine to run my law firm, and time with my family was getting more difficult to achieve from my overall state.

After three months, I was a believer.  I have not felt this good in years.  My doctor of over ten years reported to me that he had not seen me in this condition in the entire duration as a patient. He said my blood work went from rapid decline to excellent and was even interested in what was so different.  It is as if I was able to turn back the age clock in just 8 months.  My elevated kidney function disappeared, my body fat went from 30% to 16%, my waist to hip ratio went from 1.05 to 0.85 and my strength skyrocketed in HIIT. I even showed improvement in skin elasticity (wrinkles and bags under eyes) and joint stability.


It was truly like turning back the clock."

Caroline Durbin

Caroline wanted to lose 3% body fat in just 6 weeks for her wedding!

She did this successfully on the Rapid Fat Burner and came back to finish

the entire biohacking process at GoodVibes Lab.

"I cannot be happier with my results and how great I feel.  More robust energy, 

and zero brain fog" - Caroline

IMG_9516 (1).jpg
-3609944216389339427 (2).jpg

Metabolic Flexibility and a Healthy GUT is you path to freedom and High Performance.  The willingness to be able to diet exactly how your UNIQUE body was designed to.  Having metabolic flexibility means getting off the roller coaster for good.

Our Private Plan Coaching Plans cost $100/hr for Consulting and cost an average of 5-10 hours of per month.  Now you can do it all on your own with The Better You Guide, it's yours for just a small fee.  This FIVE Part Series will take you on an experience over the next 8 - 12 months that will forever change how you live and feel.

Let's be honest.  If you don't put some skin in the game you won't take this seriously.  Your health is your wealth.  It's the most serious thing you will ever need!  If you do not invest in yourself, you will never reach everything you COULD have been. 

Thousands of Dollars in Value is now YOURS!

Download PART One of The Better YOU Guide here for $399.99.

This includes:

6 weeks of Coaching & Accountability Email Support (6 emails total)


2 - 15 minute phone calls

Better You Guide (1).png
Start Here

Get 12% off your Supplements by purchasing them together as they will be critical to your success.

This includes:

  • 6 weeks of Coaching & Accountability Email Support (6 emails total)


  • 2 - 15 minute phone calls

  • 12% off of 7 of our Certified GMP and 3rd Party Tested Supplements we have custom designed to compliment this first stage of your plan. 


Normally purchasing separate should cost $754.57 with shipping and tax but we are committed to helping you get started.

It's yours today for only $606 Plus Tax & Shipping



Better You Guide (1).png

Scott was working out incredibly hard 5-6 times per week in crossfit and eating well when he came to us.  His wife is a physician and was adamant about eating well in their household. 

We discussed the idea of helping Scott with our program and that it would give him metabolic freedom.  Like a switch turned on, he was down to a lower BMI since high school in a matter of months.  

He enjoys vacations more now, because he has more liberty to indulge a little and his body responds easily and without inflammation. 


When he returns from his vacation, he knows exactly what to do to get right back on track.

Hit the Reset Button by opening The Better You Guide.

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