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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

Austin Homfeld, Founder


Austin seeks love and passion in everything he does. 


He had a personal struggle with imbalance and disease in his life that infected his relationships and others around him inadvertently.  On the outside he seemed to have it together but like many, he struggled with anxiety, depression, ADHD, insecurity and ultimately fear.  His energy and emotions were like a roller coaster and eventually hit rock bottom.  Working 80-100 hours per week at times on caffeine and "legal" stimulants, his immune system had enough. 

He decided that BIG change was not only needed but essential to his survival.  ​

For the past few years he has consulted nutrition brands and manufacturers to help them develop new and interesting products that are at local stores near you. He has developed processes into understanding the chemical identification and microbiological integrity of food we consume everyday.  Austin believes it is vital to our modern culture that we create consumables that replace the empty calorie that drains your existence with life giving nutrients that create good vibes inside and out.

His core focus and direction for GoodVibes Labs is to deliver ______.  He believes the result is _________. 


Set up your first appointment and tell him what you want to achieve today!

Meet Austin Homfeld, The FoodMan

Austin is the CEO & Founder of GoodVibes Lab and he believes that wellness is critical to building a more peaceful, loving existence.  His ultimate goal is to build GoodVibes worldwide through affordable products and healthy, individual lifestyles.

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